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Peoples of Canada: Ukrainians

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Narration: There are the Ukrainians, from the rich wheat lands of Eastern Europe with their ancient culture and their rugged individualism. They did not come here for bread alone, for bread without freedom is bitter. To preserve that freedom no amount of toil is hardship. There are the Doukhobors, those who fight with the aid of the Holy Spirit. Total abstainer, non-smoker, the Doukhobor is one of Canada’s hardest workers. The profits of his labour go not to himself but to his community, and in community affairs his wife has authority equal to his own. There are the Scandinavians who bring to Canadian life the double qualities of citizen and craftsman, and in the settlements that they have raised across the Prairies are seen the order and foresight of the planned cities of Northern Europe. There are the Hutterites, people from the Lower Rhine, who, like the Mennonites, hold everything in common. They live in colonies with central dining hall and meeting place.