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Photographs of Summary Chronologies

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The start of the Canada Year Book | 1867| 1879 | 1886 | 1892| 1905 | 1914 ]

[ 1922/1923 | 1936 | 1943/1944 | 1955 | 1967 ]

The start of the Canada Year Book

  1. Portrait of Joseph-Charles Taché
  2. Photo of Thomas D’Arcy McGee
  3. Moisic Iron Company’s Works
  4. Canada Year Book 2007

1867 Chronology

  1. Tobogganing in Upper Canada
  2. French fishermen climbing rocks (north of Newfoundland)
  3. Esquimalt Church, British Columbia
  4. North Timber Slide, Hull, Quebec
  5. Shad fishing in River Jesus Rapids
  6. Hull Iron Mines
  7. Locomotive 209 ‘Trevithick’, in the Grand Trunk Railway erecting shops
  8. Snowplough engine and workers at Chaudière Station, Grand Trunk Railway
  9. A Canadian fifty-cent piece of 1871

1879 Chronology

  1. Daguerreotype view of the aftermath of a fire of the Molson family brewery in Montreal
  2. Chinese man washing gold
  3. Baptiste Taiaiake, the Native who piloted a Richelieu steamer down the Lachine Rapids
  4. Construction of basin no. 4—Lachine Canal
  5. Photo of Honourable Louis François Rodrigue Masson, M.P.
  6. Photo of Joseph-Charles Taché

1886 Chronology

  1. The Dacier Baby
  2. Reception at Winnipeg, Mr. Cauchon’s garden party at Fort Garry
  3. Wellington Street flood, Montreal, Quebec
  4. Chinese immigrant, British Columbia. 1885
  5. North-West Mounted Police Barracks and Parade Square
  6. “S.S. Canadian” loading coal, Port Dalhousie, Ontario
  7. Gathering sap, Small Bros. Maple Sugar camp
  8. Cattle, awaiting shipment, Kamloops, British Columbia
  9. Photo of George Johnson

1892 Chronology

  1. Photo of George Johnson
  2. Toronto Street
  3. Indian (Tsimshian) tea party
  4. Cable House at Dover Bay, Nova Scotia landing place of the Western Union Telegraph Co.’s 1889 New York Cables
  5. Canada’s earliest Industry. Colin Fraser, trader at Fort Chipweyan sorts fox, beaver, mink and other precious furs
  6. Cod drying on the flakes
  7. Photo of Captain W.O Tidswell, 13 Battalion, Active Militia

1905 Chronology

  1. Photo of Mr. Archibald Blue
  2. Family group under the porch galery
  3. Galician immigrants, 1905
  4. Montreal office of the G.N.W Telegraph Co. Messenger Service
  5. Snow sweeper #2 of the Ottawa Electric Street Railway Company
  6. Straughan selecting seed corn
  7. Salmon Strike
  8. Colonel B.H. Vidal, Adjutant-General of the Canadian Militia and officers of the Royal Canadian Regiment

1914 Chronology

  1. Photo of Hon. George Eulas Foster, M.P, (King’s, N.B.) (Minister of Finance) b. Sept. 3, 1847 – d. Dec. 30, 1931
  2. Photo of R.H. Coats
  3. Italians in Toronto, Ontario
  4. Indian immigrants on board the KOMAGATA MARU in English Bay, Vancouver, B.C, 1914
  5. S.S. Empress of Ireland
  6. H.M.C.S. Niobe
  7. Grain Elevators
  8. A wheat field near Clover Bar, Alberta

1922/1923 Chronology

  1. A $900 load of Burley Tobacco
  2. Photo of Sedley A. Cudmore
  3. Royal Mail automobile, Vernon and Kelowna
  4. Hauling in the seines—B.C. Salmon Fisheries
  5. Cheese factory at Oka, P.Q.
  6. Military Manoeuvres

1936 Chronology

  1. Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Staff at Statistics Canada
  2. Customs and Immigration Building, St. Stephen, New Brunswick
  3. Dedication of the Buddhist Church—Rev. Nakatomi is seated in middle with rectangular cloth
  4. Relief Projects No. 27 – Radio beacon and tower
  5. Strikers from unemployment relief camps en route to Eastern Canada during “March on Ottawa”
  6. Canada Paper Company’s Mills
  7. Regimental Colour, probably of the 1st Battalion Selected Embodied Militia

1943/1944 Chronology

  1. Come On, pal…Enlist! : recruitment campaign
  2. Allons-y…Canadiens! : war propaganda campaign
  3. War brides and their children en route to Canada, England, 17 April, 1944
  4. Former orthopedist Evelyn Saunders of Timmins, Ontario, now working in the John Inglis Company plant manufacturing Colt-Browning gun barrels
  5. Veronica (Ronnie) Foster, employee of the John Inglis Co. and known as “The Bren Gun Girl”, poses with a finished Bren gun in front of a poster of Winston Churchill at the John Inglis Co. Bren gun plant
  6. Cattle en route to summer pastures across the Milk River
  7. 125 Squadron Pilots

1955 Chronology

  1. Photo of Sedley A. Cudmore
  2. Statistics Canada office buildings (Main)
  3. Staff at Statistics Canada
  4. Miss Haxby is holding a newborn baby that is in an incubator at the Toronto Western Hospital in Toronto, Ontario
  5. Examining new arrivals in Immigration Examination Hall, Pier 21
  6. Interior of television studio during televising; unidentified Canadian Broadcasting Corporation studio
  7. Transatlantic Airmail truck
  8. A completed Snowmobile at the Bombardier Co. Factory, Valcourt, P.Q.

1967 Chronology

  1. Various ethnic groups from many areas on Canada Day and the Centennial of Confederation
  2. School room
  3. Nuclear Power Station: The Douglas Point Nuclear Power Station Canada's First full-scale nuclear power station Atomic energy of Canada Limited Publication No. AECL-2400
  4. Automotive Industry International Boundary Windsor and Niagara Falls
  5. HMCS Ojibwa, an ABERON Class submarine