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1867 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Chinese cleaning fish
  2. Telegraph House, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Interior of Mess Room, 1858
  3. First newspaper office
  4. Ships loading timber

1877 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Group of Inuit Women and Children
  2. Mr. and Mrs. John Chubb and family
  3. Chinese man washing gold

1887 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Unidentified group of three women and child in an interior

1897 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Harvesting scene
  2. Committee of the National Council of Women. Lady Aberdeen in centre
  3. Doukhobor women are shown breaking the prairie sod by pulling a plough themselves, Thunder Hill Colony, Manitoba. c 1899
  4. Washing wool, Cap-à-l'Aigle, Quebec
  5. Woman spinning
  6. Coaling "Empress of Britain"
  7. Inside a textile mill

1907 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Office of the G.N.W. Telegraph Co. Messenger Service, Montréal, Quebec, 1900
  2. Scottish immigrants arriving in Quebec, 1911
  3. German immigrants, 1911
  4. Russian Jewish immigrants, Québec, Quebec, 1911
  5. German and Finnish immigrants, Québec, Quebec, October, 1911
  6. Young Galician immigrant holding envelope labelled "Red Star Line" Saint John, New Brunswick, May, 1905
  7. Fishing codfish on board Diana. Port Burwell, Northwest Territories, 1905
  8. Workmen throw an electrolytic sheet of zinc into a melting furnace at the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada Ltd
  9. Wheat, St. Félicien, P.Q.
  10. Staged views of Plains Indian Culture. Joe Healy and family, of the Blood Nation
  11. Marriage of Joe Zeman and Sophie Voytilla, Kenaston, Saskatchewan. May, 1911
  12. A tractor made by Aug. Soderberg of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, with parts salvaged from other tractors
  13. A sweet-faced Ruthenian maiden

1917 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Hauling in the seines - British Columbia salmon fisheries, 1900 to 1925
  2. Radio operator, Lacombe, Alberta, circa 1910 to 1935
  3. Portrait of Alexander Graham Bell, circa 1914
  4. English immigrant boys with their trunks stamped "Liverpool to Hamilton."
  5. Kila, a tattooed Inuit woman, from the Dolphin and Union Strait area, Corornation Gulf, Northwest Territories, 1916
  6. Chinese labourers, detraining camp, Petawawa, Ontario, 1917
  7. Trench on the Canadian Front with Funk-Holes, May 1917
  8. Children listening to radio, Calgary, Alberta, circa 1920s
  9. Girl wanted — Man doing washing
  10. A typical Belgian family, June, 1916
  11. Immigrant family upon arrival from Scotland
  12. Ukrainian family harvesting

1927 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. The Single Men's Unemployed Association parading to Bathurst Street United Church, Toronto, Ontario, circa 1930
  2. Temporary housing conditions (Relief Projects - No.8), May 1933
  3. A miner hauling a car of silver radium ore, 340 feet below the surface, Eldorado Mine of Great Bear Lake, 1930
  4. Potato harvest, Cyrville Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, 1933
  5. Hungarian immigrants: officers and members of King St. Stephen Roman Catholic Hungarian Sick Benefit Society in front of their office, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1925
  6. Cree family, Chipewyan, Alberta
  7. Clark family at 44 Willcocks St., Toronto
  8. (Relief Projects no. 6). Dining hall
  9. Group of unidentified men standing in the street of an unidentified town during the Depression
  10. Several poor old widows of the Caribou Lake
  11. A group of Innu making their canoes at the North West River in Labrador, circa 1920

1937 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
  2. His Majesty King George VI
  3. The King's royal procession
  4. Typical mammals and habitats of the Arctic faunal zone
  5. Typical mammals and habitats of the transition and Alleghanian faunal zones
  6. Emergency stations dole out meagre food supplies, 1938
  7. Strikers from unemployment relief camps en route to eastern Canada during "March to Ottawa", June 1935
  8. Workers digging a surface gutter on the Garrison Games grounds, looking east, Halifax, December 1934
  9. Children listening to radio, Calgary, Alberta, circa 1920s
  10. Men cutting wood, Nakina (Ontario), September 1935
  11. Lockheed Hudson aircraft of the Royal Air Force returning from convoy patrol over the Atlantic Ocean, 1941
  12. Crowd celebrating Victory Day in Europe, 1945
  13. Loeffler refugee family settled at Edenbridge, Saskatchewan
  14. View of an outdoor billboard for the Canadian Women's Army Corps: "Women are needed - C.W.A.C. - This is our battle too
  15. Dr. Norman Bethune, Dr. Arthur Vineberg and Dr. P. Perron assisting Dr. Edward Archibald in an operation at the Royal Victoria Hospital
  16. Archie White trading in furs for stores from Andy Reid, manager of the Hudson Bay Company

1947 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. Common Canadian forest insect pests
  2. Common Canadian forest insect pests (continued)
  3. Summer school, P. Mohyla Institute, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1947
  4. Citizens reading newspaper headlines concerning confederation with Canada,
    September 1949
  5. Relocation of Japanese-Canadians to camps in the interior of British Columbia
  6. Inuit family in their house
  7. Jimmy Gibbons, Inuit deputy RCMP constable at home with his family at Eskimo Point, N.W.T.
  8. Louis St. Laurent with his grand children at an Easter family gathering
  9. Typical Canadian family, Mrs. William Meadows of Hull, gives 3 year old Gary a bath in the kitchen of their four room apartment
  10. Women's Voluntary Service assistant helping children with pasting at day nursery in the Givens Street School, Toronto, Ontario, February 1943
  11. Lydia Nakamura worker at fish packing plant
  12. Sawmill in operation, 1940
  13. Workmen throw an electrolytic sheet of zinc into a melting furnace at the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada Ltd
  14. Dionne quintuplets in their train car, on trip to Toronto, Ontario

1957 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. The opening of the 23rd Parliament of Canada
  2. Indian totem poles and village on Vancouver Island, 1960
  3. Examining new arrivals in Immigration Examination Hall, Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 1952
  4. A laboratory technician, Polymer Corporation
  5. Workmen in the Canadian Vickers yard constructing watertight compartments in the belly of a ship
  6. Man in a tie reaching over a bolt of fabric that is being produced by textile machinery
  7. West Indian students in Montreal celebrated the anniversary of the West Indies Federation with exhibitions of limbo, voodoo and calypso dances at the Negro Community Centre
  8. Weekly newspaper editors observe male machinist at the Otis Fenson Plant
  9. Santa visiting Black community centre

1967 Canada Year Book – Related photos

  1. The Canadian population, a mosaic of people
  2. The great Regina plain
  3. Salmon became an important commercial product
  4. Canada's Houses of Parliament at Ottawa
  5. Canada's Houses of Parliament at Ottawa (continued)
  6. The snowmobile industry, 1967
  7. Electric stove factory, 1967
  8. Canadian lumber production, 1967
  9. Family visiting Expo 67
  10. Entertainer-fiddler Don Messer seen through television equipment during production of the Don Messer and His Islanders show